Functional Food and Ginseng

Hsu’s breakthrough project of providing healthy snacks and foods is well underway. The project set forth mid-2015 to expand the product line from supplements and whole root packages to offering our customers more food-inspired items.

Initially, the project began as a granola blend that contained our own ginseng, and after several trials and modifications to the formula, Ginseng Granola is nearing it’s final stages of development. We hope to expand the initial formula into a line that features other great Wisconsin-based products, such as real Wisconsin maple syrup, and real Wisconsin cranberries.

Ginseng Granola with its expandable options.  Depending on its initial success we hope to expand even further the possibilities for this breakthrough product.

Another well-received endeavor comes from the hands of Meister Cheese Company from Muscoda, WI.  Nearly a year ago we sourced them a form of ginseng similar to what we use in our American Ginseng Candy and now our Ginseng Granola.  As it stands today, their crafting was masterful and we will soon see the full unveiling of their newest product:  Ginseng and Garlic Jack Cheese.  The reception it received among Hsu employees was nothing short of great and we look forward to seeing this product flourish.  Like Ginseng Granola, their Ginseng and Garlic Jack Cheese is nearing it’s end of development, so you won’t be able to see it in stores quite yet, however it’s worth checking into occasionally.  More of what Meister Cheese Company does as a professional cheese maker can be found on their website.


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