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With the International Wisconsin Ginseng Festival quickly approaching, local ginseng companies in Marathon County are gearing up for a weekend of celebrating the historic plant that heavily contributes to Wisconsin’s economy and export market. That means we should be seeing some interesting creations as growers are pairing up with other local venues. Some rumors indulge the idea of a vodka fused with ginseng, others have ice cream with ginseng, but we can assert… Read More

2012年許氏花旗參創意食譜大賽得獎作品 佳作 田廣義 (Houston, TX)   [材料] 花旗參 2支 鱷梨 1個 老豆腐 半塊 黑木耳 4朵 胡蘿卜 1支 雞蛋 1枚 [調味料] 蔥薑蒜,米酒,雞粉,太白粉,胡椒 [做法] 先將花旗參蒸軟(或直接使用新鮮參),黑木耳和胡蘿卜切成米丁 鱷梨去核留果肉 老豆腐用布包起擠碎出水 將1-3材料加入蛋清及二匙太白粉以同一方向攪拌至黏稠狀 煎鍋加油燒熱,將4擠成丸子只煎一面3分鐘後轉小火蓋燜3分鐘後起鍋置入盤中 另起油鍋爆香蔥薑蒜,加入米酒,雞粉,胡椒及適量水煮沸後用太白粉勾芡,淋在每個球上即可

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