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Late August is a special time for ginseng growers in Marathon County, WI. The arrival of the ginseng plant’s berries is a sign that the harvest season draws near, and simultaneously thousands of Wild Ginseng hunters are scouring the woods across the nation for the most valuable ginseng in the world. In our fields, groups of workers are beginning to manually pluck those berry clusters from the plants and collect them in their… Read More

Saturday August 20th, 2016, marks the 5th annual Wausau Marathon in Wausau, WI. The importance of this race can’t be stressed enough as it serves as a qualifier for the Boston Marathon in April of 2017.  Runners from all over the country, even the World, participate in the Wausau Marathon because it has that small-town atmosphere yet is serious enough to advance runners to other marathons across the United States.  The featured… Read More

On Thursday, July 14th, 2016, the Wisconsin Department of Tourism granted the International Wisconsin Ginseng Festival committee, led by head organizer Lisa Berry, a lump sum of nearly $40,000 to facilitate all of the activities planned for the upcoming festival in September 2017. The grant will help cover the costs of transportation, use of products from the affiliated ginseng companies, such as ourselves, and the use of facilities such as the Monk… Read More

From Friday, July 22nd: Paul Hsu himself hosted a high school tour group from Zhangjiagang China.  Starting off with a group lunch, the group was treated to a full showing of our gardens and facilities.   From Thursday, July 14th: The Knabenmusik Group from Switzerland joined us in the fields on their tri-State tour through Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan. From Friday, July 7th:

We Are Hsu’s  Hsu’s Ginseng Enterprise, Inc. has evolved dramatically over the past 43 years.  Initially a mail-order service for Chinese and Taiwanese immigrants, it has since expanded to being a World leader in providing the highest quality Wisconsin-grown American ginseng with a high-profile eCommerce presence and direct ordering services in the U.S. and China.  Its evolution is accredited to its foundation of family in business.  In more than one area of… Read More

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