About Us

The year is 1974.  Paul C. Hsu, a migrant social worker, decided that with the recent murmurings of a growing demand for cultivated American ginseng and a large influx of Chinese and Taiwanese immigrants to the United States that it was time to explore new horizons.  He dug his first ginseng garden and began a small mail-order service for those  immigrants that quickly became a go-to service for them as they were adjusting to their new home.  Prices and demand for ginseng soared shortly after the end of the Vietnam War and into the 1980s after the Chinese Olympic team was accused of using performance enhancers, only to be identified as ginseng after further investigation.  It was the Hey-Day for Wisconsin American Ginseng.

After numerous export awards, banquets with Governors, and trips to the White House, Paul and his wife Sharon prided themselves on being the leading source of Wisconsin-grown American ginseng in the World.  From their small mail-order service they built an Enterprise that serves an international customer twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Hsu’s Ginseng Enterprise, Inc. is located in the heart of Ginseng Country in Marathon County, Wisconsin.  With hundreds of acres in cultivation, we remain on the forefront of technological advances within agriculture, safe and effective growing practices, and a formidable amount of quality assurance to ensure that our customers are only getting the highest quality American ginseng.  In present times, there is a new dynamic at Hsu’s:  the second generation of leaders.  Our company is growing from a family business into a business family with several families involved with each division.  Paul’s son, Will Hsu, is at the helm as he rejoins his father’s legacy to drive the business into a new digital era.