10 Things I Learned After the Ginseng Festival


The 1st annual International Wisconsin Ginseng Festival rolled through Wausau, WI and the surrounding area just one month ago, but we are still amazed at how it impacted our area and the industry. Here are the 10 things we learned after the event:

  1. People are thrilled to dig their own roots. Yes, that’s right, nearly 150 people over the course of two hours were able to partake in their own ritual, dubbed the “Dig Your Own Root” event. Here we armed some new friends with a dinner fork, a bag and some encouragement to find a big one. They each carefully extracted a single four-year-old root and took them home as a keepsake. This was the first time Hsu’s let folks enter the gardens with the intention to take a root for themselves and everyone was very respectful and thankful.
  2. You would never guess who was more careful and successful at digging their own root. Hint, it’s women. Women were far superior in digging their roots without damaging the plants, roots, prongs, and even the tiny fibers on the roots’ ends. This comes as no surprise to us because women are known to be much more patient than men, but next year we hope to see the men pick up some of the slack!
  3. Ice cream and ginseng? Why not? NTC’s Culinary department was gracious enough to resurrect their famed ginseng ice cream thanks to Chef Travis Teska. Visitors of the festival grabbed free cones on their way in and out of the 400 Block of Wausau. It was a huge hit with the crowd.
  4. Hats off to the Wausau Convention and Visitor’s Bureau where all credit is due. It took two years of careful planning — permits, safety plans, budgeting, grants and sheer will — to get this project off the ground. As one of the many functioning cogs in the machine, we are grateful to have one central body who could handle making all the parts come together. To take a quote right out of ‘Field of Dreams – “If you build it, they will come”.
  5. Wausau has some very talented professional music and performance groups. If you happened to hang out on or near the 400 Block in Wausau during the festival, you would have been fortunate to witness music and dance of multiple disciplines. Nearly all popular music genres were represented. Hmong and Native American (Hochunk) dance routines were featured on Sunday. Hsu’s sponsored an authentic Dragon Dance crew from Chicago to perform traditional dances on the 400 Block as well as their private party on Saturday night.
    Dragon Dance team entertaining guests on Saturday afternoon
  6. Vendors got very creative with their ginseng pairings. Ginseng beer, ginseng soda, ginseng pizza and ginseng burgers were the talk of the town. Personal favorite: The Mint Cafe‘s Ginseng Iced Tea cold brew. Nothing hit the spot more during that 85 degree Saturday than the Mint’s deliciously sweet tea featuring our own American Ginseng Tea. A close second for me was Milwaukee Burger’s ‘Ginseng Burger’. The secret is in the sauce, akin to a sweet and sour glaze with a hint of ginseng.
  7. You could (and we mean that sparingly) get a little buzzed off ginseng. Even though we practice safe driving habits and respect all local and national laws regarding drinking adult beverages, we have to admit that it was hard to only enjoy one (1) Bull Falls ‘Made in the Shade’ craft brew, made with real Hsu’s ginseng and a smoked peach tea from Redwood Street Roasters in Edgar, WI. If you HAVE to enjoy these special craft brews make sure you are doing it safely and have driving arrangements if you find yourself ‘made in the shade’.
  8. People are still amazed at the Fromm Brothers’ storyWe learned that over 500 people took the hourly Fromm tours from 12:00 – 4:00 PM on Saturday the 16th. Ginseng growers in Marathon County owe a lot to the pioneers of cultivated American ginseng. It’s great to see the Fromm Bros. Historical Preservation Society opening the farm again for their fans.
  9. There aren’t enough hours in a day. Hsu’s staffed all of their Enterprise employees for the festival (over 50) and some of their Hsu Growing Supply and farm staff. Despite being fully staffed, with the addition of private guests we entertained all weekend we could have hired 20 more people! Don’t confuse this as a complaint, rather us counting our blessings.
  10. We can’t wait until next year! Having no previous experience with a festival of this magnitude, we had no idea that we would have this much fun celebrating our yearly efforts to provide our fans with clean Wisconsin-grown American ginseng. If you were able to visit us at our booth or in our gardens, thank you. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year for the 2nd Annual International Wisconsin Ginseng Festival!
  11. Bonus: Wausau could really use its own Chinatown district. Because who doesn’t love genuine food and goods at the hands of those skilled in the authenticity of true Chinese culture?



Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Ginseng and.. Beer?


With the International Wisconsin Ginseng Festival quickly approaching, local ginseng companies in Marathon County are gearing up for a weekend of celebrating the historic plant that heavily contributes to Wisconsin’s economy and export market. That means we should be seeing some interesting creations as growers are pairing up with other local venues. Some rumors indulge the idea of a vodka fused with ginseng, others have ice cream with ginseng, but we can assert that one of those rumors to be true right now — ginseng and beer.


The International Wisconsin Ginseng Festival (IWGF) is the first event of its kind and will attract thousands of visitors from around the world. Hotels and travel accommodations are filling fast.

Hsu’s is partnering with Bull Falls Brewery, located near Wausau’s downtown and Riverfront districts, to engineer a special ginseng brew for the festival. The new brew will be a limited-time run for both companies as the fresh ginseng from the Hsu farm is only available for a few months out of the year. While this isn’t the first time a brewery took on ginseng as a constituent, this particular brew is the birthright of two Wausau, Wisconsin-based companies. Two (of many) things that Wisconsin knows best: beer, and ginseng.

Will it be a lager, an ale, a stout, a wheat, bock, pilsner, or even a malt? Stay tuned for more as we will follow up on this story again this summer.

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Ginseng Spans the Globe, but Some Stays Here


Marathon County, the largest county in Wisconsin, is home to nearly 150 ginseng growers raising about 700,000 pounds of ginseng every year in an area that comprises a microcosm of the county’s available land. Almost 80% of that annual crop will jump ship to China.  But then where does the other 20% go?


First it should be known, for those who are new to ginseng in general, that although ginseng has been cultivated in North America since about 1904, it has been quietly growing around the North 45th parallel marker for thousands of years. Discovered in China, it became a pillar of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as a top tier herb and is still widely used today, here and abroad. Used mainly for its energizing and restorative properties, ginseng’s mystique is something that is catching on in Western culture.

As a finished product, most of that 20% ends up in China towns across the country, with Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City being the largest recipients. Hsu’s US branches service all three of the cities mentioned, as well as Houston, TX and New York, NY. Demand for clean, potent American ginseng dictates the pricing for the higher valued Wisconsin variety because Wisconsin soil is low in metal count and nearly devoid of harmful microbial bacteria, which is why Hsu’s also maintains a presence in Ontario and Vancouver, Canada, even though Canada has an output of nearly 2 million pounds per year.

Canada began sourcing American ginseng seeds by the ton when the Canadian government heavily subsidized ginseng operations after watching their US counterparts take advantage of the niche trade.  Although the influx of subsidized Canadian growers flooded the markets and caused a crash around the turn of the millennium, American Ginseng from Wisconsin held its value over a ten year rebound.

Ginseng as an ingredient

Bulk ginseng products constitute a fair portion of that 20% of the ginseng that stays within the US. Our bulk powders are found in supplements, foods, soda, and beer. As functional foods are still on the rise many companies are seeing the value in adding American ginseng to their products. Specifications on ginseng are more articulate than many of the common foods you can find in the produce section of the grocery store, and therein lies the challenge of meeting those requirements.

Manufacturers of food and supplements are intrigued by ginseng’s potential as a beneficial substance, more so now than ever due to the large Chinese demographic on the West Coast and in scattered areas across mainland United States. With more ginseng proponents emigrating here to the U.S. and a growing 2nd and 3rd generation demographic on the rise, the likelihood of more American ginseng staying in America grows.

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DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

許氏參業集團 喜迎第1屆國際花旗參節


2017 威州國際花旗參節

由威斯康辛州政府主辦的[第一屆國際花旗參節International Ginseng Festival]於日前圓滿落幕。為期三天的節慶活動除了吸引了上萬名群眾參與,主辦單位之一的許氏參業集團更廣邀來自中國,香港,台灣,日本及美加各地的將近三百名貴賓共襄盛舉,盛況空前。




百億美元打造「威谷」 郭台銘赴美威州記者會 與花旗參王許忠政相見歡


圖右起為美國威斯康辛州許氏參業集團創辦人許忠政、鴻海董事長郭台銘、威斯康辛州州長華克,以及許忠政長子許恩偉,上周四在鴻海與威州簽署投資MOU會場合影。翻攝自威州媒體Wausau Daily Herald網站

台灣鴻海董事長郭台銘近日啟動「飛鷹計畫」,於7/28日拜訪美國白宮與川普會面,隨後又馬上前往威斯康辛州與州長沃克(Scott Walker)招開記者會。會議上郭台銘也和同樣從台灣出生的威洲花旗參王許忠政會面,兩人相見甚歡。許忠政於此特別贈送郭台銘一株68年威州正野山參作為禮物,代表威斯康辛州參農總會及許氏參業集團歡迎鴻海集團來此地投資設廠。



富士康響應川普美國重返製造口號,與威州簽訂MOU,投資百億美元在威斯康辛州東南部,準備建造下一代8K面板廠,欲把威州打造成科技製造業重鎮「威谷」(Wisconn Valley)。威州州長沃克說,此次是威斯康辛州史上最大的投資案,鴻海即將打造的LCD面板廠產業園區,規模會是五角大廈的三倍大,威斯康辛州將會成為另一個矽谷。郭台銘此次也與威州參農總會簽下合作意向書,響應中國目前「大健康」的理念,採買威斯康辛州的花旗參做為原物料製做品質更好的健康飲料及食品。

阿里巴巴首屆在美招商會 – 許氏贈野參 . 馬雲開眼界


[本報訊]阿里巴巴集團於6月20日在底特律Detroit舉辦美國中小企業招商會,盼能吸引更多美國企業進駐阿里巴巴旗下的淘寶與天貓等電子購物網站。全美花旗參第一品牌 -「許氏參業集團」總裁許忠政也應邀出席,並當場餽贈私藏野參給阿里巴巴集團董事主席馬雲,為雙方未來的合作奠定友好基礎。

隨著近年電子商務的快速崛起和發展,阿里巴巴儼然已成為電子商務產業的代名詞。這次名為”連接世界”( Gateway 17)是阿里巴巴首次向美國中小企業招商,會中多位中美知名企業家都出席並發表演講,期望透過展會拓展中美之間的經濟貿易和更多企業合作關係。此次貿易展主動邀請許氏花旗參參展,期望能把美國威斯康辛州最好的花旗參引進淘寶購物網,讓被視為傳統農產業的花旗參也能藉由電商網購平台走向全球化銷售。








老許談參 – 北美之最—威州花旗參


講到花旗參,就必須先提到一個市面上客人很常見的問題:西洋參就是花旗參嗎?西洋參跟花旗參有什麼不同?西洋參跟亞洲參又有什麼不同?為什麼在市面上參茸行看到賣的西洋參和花旗參,價錢常會有所差異?總括來說,西洋參與亞洲參有別,亞洲參指的是高麗參和吉林參(學名Panax Ginseng C.A. Meyer),性燥,滋陽熱補而昇火;而「西洋參」(學名Panax quinquefolius ),滋陰不昇火,和亞洲參相反,補而不燥,是謂涼補。西洋參主要野生地區在美國和加拿大,而這兩個國家後來皆把野生的西洋參轉為人工種植參,種植歷史已有一百多年,這些人工種植的參,後來就被統稱為西洋參(由於由西岸進口而來,因而得名)。而中國1980年代之後也開始種植西洋參,所以目前人工種植的西洋參主要出產於美國、加拿大和中國這三個國家。但是因為這三個地方的自然環境、土壤和氣候不盡相同,所謂「地道」不同,所以種出來的西洋參品質也有優劣區別。所謂「地道」是指植物在生長發育的過程中,對當地的氣候、土壤等自然生態環境形成了各自的嚴格篩選,長期適應後,在適宜的環境條件下,其病害少,生長良好,本性能得到較好的繼承,因此品質和效果好。而美國威斯康辛州主產地之表面土壤,是冰河時期由北方堆積下來之特殊元素之肥沃土,含有豐富的稀有微量元素。因此相較之下,美國威斯康辛州種植的花旗參,在各項要性測試下,無論在質量、成分、氣味及口感上,均優於加拿大參及中國產區的西洋參。


現在把範圍縮小到美國境內的花旗參,美國境內被公認為品質最好的花旗參,當然是以威斯康辛州產的花旗參莫屬,仿間直接以「威州花旗參」來慣稱。威斯康辛州位於美國中部北面,臨北美著名的五大湖西側。威斯康辛州由於氣候經緯度,及土壤中蘊含稀有的微量元素等獨特天然條件,因此所種植的花旗參無論在成分、氣味、質地和口感上皆屬上乘,獨步全球、舉世聞名,被公認為花旗參中的極品。在美國境內,約95%的花旗參都是產自於威斯康辛州,而威斯康辛州內部生產花旗參的核心地區,都集中在威州中部的馬拉松縣(Marathon County)。許氏參業集團位於威斯康辛州馬拉松縣之縣城沃沙市(Wausau),亦是位於此核心地區,今年已經是成立的第43年。馬拉松縣在緯度座標上是位於北緯45度,氣候溫度上非常適合花旗參生長,加上得天獨厚的土壤和雨量條件,出產的花旗參最為「地道」。美國威斯康辛州出產的花旗參是被公認為品質第一,加拿大安省出產的西洋參居次,而中國東北三省出產的西洋參則再次之。依威州參農總會估計,在美國市面上銷售的西洋參中,產自威斯康辛州的花旗參,大約只佔12%左右,因此您在市面上,能買到真正產自威斯康辛州的地道花旗參之機會,其實大約只有十分之一!這也說明了許氏威州花旗參的獨特性和珍貴性,如果能買到美國產自許氏參場純正的威斯康辛州花旗參,可謂相當難得。





許氏養生特約專欄 – 花旗參老人用養身,小孩使用更能改造體質!

By 藥上堂 Charlotte Duh 杜丞蕓中醫師












杜丞蕓 中醫師Charlotte Duh, L.Ac.


來自台灣,活躍於美國華文媒體的杜醫師,在洛杉磯看診已十三年。在美創辦了Medi Yoga Clinic『藥上堂中醫診所』,Medi Yoga『琉璃瑜伽學苑』,Meal 4 Mom『杜仲月子養生餐』,DrD Herb『杜草藥鋪』網站商店,和Medi Herb USA 『藥上堂』養生中藥專賣鋪。

杜醫師專精內婦兒科,提倡預防養生中醫,食療藥膳先於未病。 小兒調理,青少年轉骨,月經失調,懷孕養胎,月子調理,皆可以用天然藥材調理而無副作用。另外如美容瘦身,季節過敏,腸胃紊亂,慢性疲勞等,杜醫師也是鼓勵少針少藥,先以自然食療方式為宜。

曾接受東森美洲電視台,美國鳳凰電視台,中天,天下等多家華文電視台的新聞採訪及電視座談。和東森美洲電視購物台有合作商品『轉骨方/益乳茶/藥膳系列』,於美國鳳凰電視台『養兒育女』節目中主持藥膳示範, 在台灣的Wow Woman 網站有專欄著作。



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