Buy The Most Expensive Mushroom In The World


Hsu’s Root to Health introduces the Cordy-V, a new supplement product line made from Cordyceps mushrooms, in an easy to take caplet form.


The Cordyceps is known to form on the body of a caterpillar, harvested typically in the highlands of China. For multiple generations, people have followed the Chinese and Tibetan tradition using this mushroom for its benefits *

The Cordy King line from Hsu’s Root to Health uses a cultivated lab-grown Cordyceps that is similar to a wild Cordyceps. This product also features an essential B vitamin set of B1 (50mg), B2 (50mg), B6 (50mg) in additional to royal jelly. To see other Hsu’s Root to Health products Click Here.

cordy king

The cultivated lab-grown Cordyceps which is similar to the wild one can now be found in the form of a caplet in a new product from Hsu’s Root to Health.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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About Hsu's Ginseng Enterprises

Located in Wausau, Wisconsin, Hsu’s Ginseng Enterprises, Inc. cultivates approximately 1,000 acres of prime ginseng soil to consistently assure you of quality ginseng products. For more than twenty-two years our product line, Root to Health, has continued to expand to include many other herbs and supplements to meet the demand of the enlightened consumers. Our first priority before we present a product to the consumer is quality. We feel that our commitment to quality has created a line of products that are the finest available.

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