We Are Hsu’s

We Are Hsu’s  Hsu’s Ginseng Enterprise, Inc. has evolved dramatically over the past 43 years.  Initially a mail-order service for Chinese and Taiwanese immigrants, it has since expanded to being a World leader in providing the highest quality Wisconsin-grown American ginseng with a high-profile eCommerce presence and direct ordering services in the U.S. and China.  Its evolution is accredited to its foundation of family in business.  In more than one area of the business, we enjoy having second-generation employees continue to grow in our company culture.  You can see the business developing not only as a family business, but more so into a business family.  Join Paul Hsu, and his son Will Hsu, in seeing a modern-day profile of our business and our commitment to quality.


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From left to right, Sharon Hsu, Paul Hsu, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and Will Hsu at the grand opening of our new facility in Wausau, WI, where various farm and compost operations are held.






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