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Some of our staff attended the largest natural ingredient and product expo in the world last weekend, called Expo West. Most of the Hsu’s staff in attendance were at the expo for the first time. First, the basics: Who: Hsu’s Ginseng Staff (5) – 3 from Wausau, and 2 from Los Angeles In featured Staff Photo: (Left to Right) Richard Lin, Tony Guo, Hannah Feng, Ben Heindel and Mike Klemp-North What: Natural Products… Read More

DID YOU KNOW…. Hsu’s Ginseng Enterprises Inc does more than just cultivate American Ginseng? Although Ginseng is what we were founded on, we are much more than that. In addition to growing ginseng in the mid-1970’s, Paul Hsu also saw opportunity to develop a mail-order business that would cater to the needs of Chinese-American immigrants coming from overseas to the United States. He would provide an opportunity for customers to purchase products… Read More

許氏每年會收成兩季新鮮花旗參,分別為4月底的春參以及9月底的秋參。夏季易上火嗜睡,口乾舌燥食慾差,剛好吃點新鮮春參來“防火”,瀉火除煩,養胃生津。秋參則為冬日的養身進補提供了良好的供給。在寒冷的冬日裡,用新鮮參燉一些雞湯、魚湯給家人,真的是既溫暖又健康。也可將新鮮參與米飯、粥等同煮,讓參的香氣與甘甜融入飯香中,食用起來口感更加。另一方面,新鮮參也是藥酒製作的首選藥材。將參放入高度烈酒中浸泡一個月,每天一小口,補益中氣、溫通血脈、延年益壽。 威州地道特產 新鮮花旗參 新鮮花旗參未經加工脫水處理,因此,保持了新鮮原汁液漿的豐富營養成分,所以食用新鮮花旗參體現了“回歸自然”,有提氣、調節血液循環、增加食慾的作用,而且又是滋補氣血的藥膳佳餚補品。新鮮花旗參營養成分比一般市面的乾參多出14%,尤其花旗參的人參皂苷則是Rb1較高,食用後讓人鎮靜,對於壓力大的現代人有安定效果,自然而然能夠穩定中樞神經,保持好精神。簡單說,就是「進補、去火、不燥熱」。 新鮮花旗參的簡單應用 將新鮮參切片沖茶,可清熱解渴、提神醒腦。 用慢鍋將新鮮參煮成大鍋湯後,待涼放入冰箱內儲存,一日飲用1至2杯,簡單方便。 煮魚湯、大骨或雞湯時,可加入新鮮參做為湯底。 不論墩湯或熬粥,都可將新鮮參與其中藥材,如枸杞、紅棗、黃耆等一起搭配使用。 將新鮮參泡酒,如高粱酒、白蘭地、XO等,早晚飲用一小杯,可強壯身體。 新鮮花旗參怎麼保存處理 新鮮花旗參可在冰箱中保存冷藏40F華氏度約2~4周,將新鮮花旗參表皮灑上適量的清水,再用保鮮膜把它包起來,然後放在家中的冰箱裡面,在存放以前可以在保鮮膜上紮幾個小孔,利於花旗參透氣,這樣能讓新鮮花旗參保存2~4周的時間。若2~4周內無法全部吃完,可以按每次食用份量存放於冷凍室內,食用時不用解凍,直接將冰凍的新鮮花旗參入鍋煮燉。   新鮮花旗參全美直郵 新鮮參的成分濃郁,功效加倍,但保存不易,受限季節性。每年10月至12月份特別保留部分參場收成保存,隨即以空運方式直送全美各地顧客手中,100% 產自許氏威州花旗參農場。現在新鮮人工花旗參有買滿2磅及免空郵的優惠,藉以回饋多年來支持許氏的消費大衆。唯有自産自銷,才有新鮮花旗參!

The 1st annual International Wisconsin Ginseng Festival rolled through Wausau, WI and the surrounding area just one month ago, but we are still amazed at how it impacted our area and the industry. Here are the 10 things we learned after the event:

With the International Wisconsin Ginseng Festival quickly approaching, local ginseng companies in Marathon County are gearing up for a weekend of celebrating the historic plant that heavily contributes to Wisconsin’s economy and export market. That means we should be seeing some interesting creations as growers are pairing up with other local venues. Some rumors indulge the idea of a vodka fused with ginseng, others have ice cream with ginseng, but we can assert… Read More

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