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那麽果真如此嗎?乾參與新鮮參,消費者在選購時又該如何抉擇呢? 今天,恰逢許氏春參收獲季,我們親自前往許氏參業集團位於威斯康星州的花旗參農場,並邀請到了許氏集團的創始人許忠政先生,請他現場來為我們揭開新鮮花旗參的面紗。

(Source: WASA-TV Channel 7) By Stella Porter | Posted: Mon 4:16 PM, Mar 09, 2020  | Updated: Mon 6:44 PM, Mar 09, 2020 WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) — The International Ginseng Festival is postponed until 2022. A big reason why is the Coronavirus. “It’s basically best for the public and best right now, with the travel restrictions, trying to get people to sign up, especially from China. It makes it very difficult to have a successful event,” said Richard Barrett,… Read More

Some of our staff attended the largest natural ingredient and product expo in the world last weekend, called Expo West. Most of the Hsu’s staff in attendance were at the expo for the first time. First, the basics: Who: Hsu’s Ginseng Staff (5) – 3 from Wausau, and 2 from Los Angeles In featured Staff Photo: (Left to Right) Richard Lin, Tony Guo, Hannah Feng, Ben Heindel and Mike Klemp-North What: Natural Products… Read More

DID YOU KNOW…. Hsu’s Ginseng Enterprises Inc does more than just cultivate American Ginseng? Although Ginseng is what we were founded on, we are much more than that. In addition to growing ginseng in the mid-1970’s, Paul Hsu also saw opportunity to develop a mail-order business that would cater to the needs of Chinese-American immigrants coming from overseas to the United States. He would provide an opportunity for customers to purchase products… Read More

The 1st annual International Wisconsin Ginseng Festival rolled through Wausau, WI and the surrounding area just one month ago, but we are still amazed at how it impacted our area and the industry. Here are the 10 things we learned after the event:

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