Ginseng and.. Beer?

With the International Wisconsin Ginseng Festival quickly approaching, local ginseng companies in Marathon County are gearing up for a weekend of celebrating the historic plant that heavily contributes to Wisconsin’s economy and export market. That means we should be seeing some interesting creations as growers are pairing up with other local venues. Some rumors indulge the idea of a vodka fused with ginseng, others have ice cream with ginseng, but we can assert that one of those rumors to be true right now — ginseng and beer.


The International Wisconsin Ginseng Festival (IWGF) is the first event of its kind and will attract thousands of visitors from around the world. Hotels and travel accommodations are filling fast.

Hsu’s is partnering with Bull Falls Brewery, located near Wausau’s downtown and Riverfront districts, to engineer a special ginseng brew for the festival. The new brew will be a limited-time run for both companies as the fresh ginseng from the Hsu farm is only available for a few months out of the year. While this isn’t the first time a brewery took on ginseng as a constituent, this particular brew is the birthright of two Wausau, Wisconsin-based companies. Two (of many) things that Wisconsin knows best: beer, and ginseng.

Will it be a lager, an ale, a stout, a wheat, bock, pilsner, or even a malt? Stay tuned for more as we will follow up on this story again this summer.

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