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Some of our staff attended the largest natural ingredient and product expo in the world last weekend, called Expo West. Most of the Hsu’s staff in attendance were at the expo for the first time. First, the basics: Who: Hsu’s Ginseng Staff (5) – 3 from Wausau, and 2 from Los Angeles In featured Staff Photo: (Left to Right) Richard Lin, Tony Guo, Hannah Feng, Ben Heindel and Mike Klemp-North What: Natural Products… Read More

非常榮幸關瑞之先生能造訪許氏參業集團。關瑞之先生的山水畫以天地自然為本印證,並發展了國畫的傳統筆墨技法、章法和寫意表達,是非常有名的現代山水畫大師。 關瑞之先生表示,中國5000多年來歷史文化博大大精深,山水畫多以自然天道藝術之美來表達。但千年來都還沒有山水畫家畫過人參,於是他想獨家造訪許氏,了解野山參的自然之美,並用自己的畫筆記錄下來。關先生此行表示收穫豐富,不僅看到了許氏的傳家收藏野山參,也學習到了野參是如何生長開採,並判別野山參的參齡。 關先生認為野參為中國一大文化特色,並擁有渾然天成的藝術之美,應該結合中國山水畫展現天道藝術的特色。未來關先生可望與許氏合作,製作野參山水畫年曆,透過藝術的方式,充分展現野山參的另一種文化之美。

With the International Wisconsin Ginseng Festival quickly approaching, local ginseng companies in Marathon County are gearing up for a weekend of celebrating the historic plant that heavily contributes to Wisconsin’s economy and export market. That means we should be seeing some interesting creations as growers are pairing up with other local venues. Some rumors indulge the idea of a vodka fused with ginseng, others have ice cream with ginseng, but we can assert… Read More

Marathon County, the largest county in Wisconsin, is home to nearly 150 ginseng growers raising about 700,000 pounds of ginseng every year in an area that comprises a microcosm of the county’s available land. Almost 80% of that annual crop will jump ship to China.  But then where does the other 20% go?

Baltimore, MD Booth 5330 at the Natural Products Expo East was well-represented at the large-scale convention in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.  Each year Hsu’s sets up for three days of meetings, educating consumers, and learning more about the scope of the Natural Products industry. Of the many reasons to attend a trade show of this magnitude, the most important is exposure.  Depending on the show, the potential for visitors nears the tens of thousands…. Read More

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