A letter from the President of Hsu’s


To our customers, vendors, employees and community:

These are unprecedented times for our company and our country. While a few of us were here for SARS in 2003, many have watched the responses in China, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong with concerned interest the past few months, while those of us in Wisconsin likely felt isolated from or immune to the effects COVID-19 was having on people around the world. Now that we have seen how unprepared we were in the US with events unfolding this past weekend, we are seeing the natural reflex of people and governments to react in response to new developments. Rest assured that all of us at Hsu’s have been and will continue to keep a close eye on things as the response and recommendations change or evolve daily. This is a fluid situation and we hope to get more things right than wrong, but we won’t be right 100% of the time and I ask for your forgiveness ahead of time.

What’s at stake for all of us, regardless of how long this takes for the pandemic to pass (and it will pass as do all things with time), is the future of the company and our industry. This is difficult for all of us on top of the trade war with China and tariffs over the past two years on our products; however, we will not let this break our spirit and will continue to meet or exceed your expectations.  I stand steadfast with our staff in our commitment to see us through these dark times with hopes of a brighter tomorrow.

In light of that, our plan as a company moving forward is to:

  1. Increase routine facility cleaning and review hygiene policies and practices with staff encouraging hand washing and other protective techniques.
  2. Encourage the use of face masks by employees for all product related production, including picking and packaging, as well as office or administrative staff for personal interactions during working hours. Hsu’s will provide masks to employees and staff that meet FDA and state food safety standards.
  3. Increase the use of technology to avoid in-person meetings and keep lines of communication open while also reducing staffing levels to allow more social distancing during working hours in the office. Employees who are able to perform their functions at home will be asked to do so.
  4. Suspend all international business-related travel and significantly reduce domestic travel prohibiting any travel to areas where community transmission is ongoing.
  5. Make changes to our paid sick time policy to give more flexibility to employees and ensure that all employees are paid during this time of reduced demand, business and contact.

In order to do this we have made scheduling changes to our work force schedules and will close our local company store in Wausau to purchases and close our farm to tours for the foreseeable future until conditions warrant reopening. We know that as a family business many of our employees are parents or caregivers for elderly parents or family members, with schools closed and limits on elderly activities, we wanted to ensure our employees are also there for their loved ones. For that reason effective immediately, our employees will only be working 2-3 days per week, with approximately half of the staff we normally operate with to allow for social distancing in both office and production settings. As a licensed food manufacturing facility, we already have current operating procedures for hygiene and cleanliness and continue to review and reiterate those with staff, encouraging anyone who is ill or has symptoms to stay home until they are better or they are cleared to return to work.

We do not wish for COVID-19 and our response to create financial hardship for our employees, so for that reason, we are guaranteeing 32-40 hours of paid time per week (our company definition of full-time employees) for all employees regardless of hours worked. Any shortages will be covered by the company or through a generous sick time bank of over 1100 hours donated by management and senior management from their personal time accrued. We hope that all of you have confidence in us and the products that we deliver to your door. Thank you for your trust and your business. I appreciate your years as our loyal customers and hope that all of us at Hsu’s are here for you for years to come.

Be well, live healthily!

Will Hsu

President, Hsu’s Ginseng Enterprises, Inc.

Hsu Ginseng x Expo West – A Recap

Some of our staff attended the largest natural ingredient and product expo in the world last weekend, called Expo West. Most of the Hsu’s staff in attendance were at the expo for the first time.

First, the basics:

  • Who: Hsu’s Ginseng Staff (5) – 3 from Wausau, and 2 from Los Angeles
    • In featured Staff Photo: (Left to Right) Richard Lin, Tony Guo, Hannah Feng, Ben Heindel and Mike Klemp-North
  • What: Natural Products Expo West 2018 – the world’s largest natural, organic and healthy products event
  • Where: Anaheim Convention Center – Anaheim, CA
  • When: March 8-11th, 2018


Quick Stats:

  • Attendees: 85,000+
  • Exhibitors: 3,521
  • First-time Exhibitors: 600+

Why does one go to something like this?

We literally saw all walks of life at this event during our time there. This event really does serve as a one-stop-shop for anything related to natural products: product or package innovation, capital funding, ingredients, machinery, labeling, and regulatory standards.

Danielle Vogel, Founder, Glen’s Garden Market, best sums up the Expo West experience:

“The show provides a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow retailers, discover great new products, build upon existing relationships, and participate in programming that always helps deepen my understanding of some of the most significant issues facing our industry. I always return home with tons of ideas about how to grow my business and improve my product mix”.

Our Experience as first timers:

Overwhelming … in a good way.

First: the sights, sounds, and smells coming from the endless rows of the 3,500 exhibitors were akin to an open-air market or bazaar for those who have traveled internationally – business owners offering samples, and booths offering unique experiences.

The video provided by NewHopeNetwork explains it best:

Second: the diversity of people and products:

The world is big. Like, really big.  However, at times, it can feel very small. No more than a few hours after set up, we were getting fist bumps and comments like: “On Wisconsin!”, “Go Pack Go”, and “I grew up there!”. Our first experience with this was meeting someone from Merrill, WI. A few exchanges of something similar to “Oh Jeeze, yer from Wiscaaaaansin!” made us feel right at home.

There were also lots of different products. Products varied in style and type. A few examples include: ginger shots, plant protein mixes, natural BBQ sauce, dragon fruit powder, cold brew coffee, fig supersnacks, coconut oil, probiotic smoothies, matcha tea’s, nitro tea’s, reshi mushrooms, organic ice cream, veggie burgers, vegan pizza, and countless gluten free products.

A few of the more unique ones spotted included: ghee butter, plant based protein sticks, lentil crackers, and… crickets.



The show was more than food, as it also included natural products from the beauty and household industries. Lip balm, makeup, laundry detergent, and tooth paste were all notable products represented as well.

All of these were available to try and sample. Some were great! Others were… ‘unique’.

We came. We Saw…. We Learned?

While we represented Hsu’s and generated business opportunities of our own, we also had huge takeaways in things that cannot be measured on paper.

We educated people on American Ginseng, our industry, and our company.

We also saw how people interacted with our brand.

By the 3rd day, hearing stories of “I used to work with Paul Hsu back in the day” were very common.

Now what?

We saw countless innovations in the industry applied to various products that may be worth some research and development to apply into our own American Ginseng.

We also saw product packaging in quick-serve formats and re-sealable bag technologies that made us stop for a second look as well.

All of this, out of respect to giving the best possible American Ginseng product, in the most innovative format possible, to our current and future customers.

Group photo1

Written By: Ben Heindel – Hsu’s Ginseng Enterprises


More Than American Ginseng

DID YOU KNOW…. Hsu’s Ginseng Enterprises Inc does more than just cultivate American Ginseng?

Although Ginseng is what we were founded on, we are much more than that.

In addition to growing ginseng in the mid-1970’s, Paul Hsu also saw opportunity to develop a mail-order business that would cater to the needs of Chinese-American immigrants coming from overseas to the United States. He would provide an opportunity for customers to purchase products that they familiar with from back home, but were virtually inaccessible in the United States during that time.

Hsu Ginseng Catalog – Currently over 100 pages, and includes hundreds of products!

Over the years, the mail order business developed into a sizable catalog with a wide diversity of products offered. The digital era only helped the catalog business as customers could access the product lineup and purchase products they saw in the catalog online.

Today, a majority of our business is still Ginseng. However, we are continuously finding new and exciting ways to give customers a great American Ginseng product in different formats:

Our ginseng products include: dried roots, tea’s, slices, capsules, powders, and… with the help of strong partnerships, we even have ginseng in candy and a variety of alcohol types.

American Ginseng Tea, Capsules, and Candy

Our other notable product categories include:

  • Supplements
    1. From Fish Oil to Protein Powder, we carry a wide range of supplements that focus on a few areas of men’s, women’s, and kid’s health.
  • Skin Care
    1. We’ve added a number of brands to our skin-care lineup over the years to include: facial care, body care, eye care, foot care, and hair care.
Biore Clean and Soft Body Wash Camellia
  • Seafood and Herbs
    1. The most fascinating products come from this category due to the extent of strong partnerships we maintain with our suppliers, as well as the importance they hold in nutritional value and diet. Products include: dried seaweed, sea cucumbers, dried alligator (yes!), dried yellow conch meat, elk horn, Chinese herbs, abalone and scallops
  • Appliances
    1. Due to the variety and styles of food offered, we also carry an assortment of products to help our customers cook them all.
    2. We carry appliances that include: steamers, stew pots, rice cookers, as well as lunch jars to keep meals warm.
Tatung TAC-6G(SF) Stainless Rice Cooker
  • Food and Beverage
    1. This category offers a unique range of products familiar to Chinese cuisine and diet.
    2. Tea’s and Smoothie Mixes dominate this category, but we also carry food seasonings, snacks, and even a few Wisconsin Specialties like maple syrup and creamed honey.

Although these products may be sourced from many locations, they are shipped all from Hsu Ginseng Enterprises Inc, in Wausau, WI.

If you wish to learn more about what we offer… check us out! https://www.hsuginseng.com

Written by: Ben Heindel – eCommerce Specialist @ Hsu Ginseng Enterprises







美國威斯康辛州參議院於2017年11/30日通過法令,將美國花旗參正式列為能代表威斯康辛州的”中草藥”( Official state herb of Wisconsin)。威州248法案目前已由參議員傑瑞(Sen. Jerry Petrowski)審核通過(Senate Bill 248),未來可望能將花旗參正式列為在醫療上具有治療功效的中藥材。

參議員約翰(John Spiros)提到,把花旗參列為威斯康辛州的正式草藥,未來可讓大眾認知到花旗參的功能和使用方式,這將會是一件很棒的事情。此法案(Assembly Bill 314)目前已被威州參議院和威州州長沃克(Scott Walker)簽署通過。人稱「花旗參教父」的許氏參業集團團董事長許忠政和許氏參業集團副總裁許恩偉也受邀參訪簽屬會議。





許氏總裁父子和威州參議員傑瑞(. Jerry Petrowski)合照。宣傳花旗參酒和啤酒。

10 Things I Learned After the Ginseng Festival

The 1st annual International Wisconsin Ginseng Festival rolled through Wausau, WI and the surrounding area just one month ago, but we are still amazed at how it impacted our area and the industry. Here are the 10 things we learned after the event:

Dragon Dance team entertaining guests on Saturday afternoon

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With the International Wisconsin Ginseng Festival quickly approaching, local ginseng companies in Marathon County are gearing up for a weekend of celebrating the historic plant that heavily contributes to Wisconsin’s economy and export market. That means we should be seeing some interesting creations as growers are pairing up with other local venues. Some rumors indulge the idea of a vodka fused with ginseng, others have ice cream with ginseng, but we can assert that one of those rumors to be true right now — ginseng and beer.


The International Wisconsin Ginseng Festival (IWGF) is the first event of its kind and will attract thousands of visitors from around the world. Hotels and travel accommodations are filling fast.

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